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Benefits online store

Online store (Shop Onlineecommerce shoping virtual store) a website or web app or mobile web app or a service with any electronic device connected to the web and is available as a traditional store physical goods for sale provides online customers.
Customers visiting the store goods as well as various information about them, they answer to the purchase order.
Store is a web based software (Internet-based) that facilities such as the creation of the basket of goods, adding the product to the basket, connect to online payment system to pay for the order, connection postal system or the system of buying and selling companies by postal mail, Track Order of the buyer, viewing and sending orders by vendor and prepare statistical reports for a variety of sales and provides the buyer and seller.

Benefits online store

♦Telephone: physical shop window

Online store can sometimes only showcase physical store goods to buyers to the images of goods, various data about the size, weight and other characteristics to see and then act to buy.
Now, with the development of e-commerce infrastructure in-store Citizens strengthening sales culture and business owners earn a good profit from the sale of online products.

♦Benefits online store

No geographical limitation: the traditional and typically limited physical area or neighborhood, district, city or region is limited store to the farthest corners of the country are sending in Iran even if the international sale of goods with the credit card selling goods to all parts world is possible.

No time limit: an online shop at any time of day or night, seven days a week and receives customer orders so even when the store owner sleeps sales from abroad continued.

Unwarranted obstacle standing business: the customer an online store can search online for hours on different pages and items that you want to review and choose.

Physical settlement costs Shop store of costs such as rent, decoration, advertising, warehousing, recruitment seller, sleep and be exempt capital and the cost of website design and … in front of these costs are negligible .

♦business are insignificant.

Traditional possible. Do not forget your store’s website and updated at the same time a complete catalog of your products.
Online accounting software without the need for separate accounting: what zip through cooperation with a company or not, every time you see a sale on the online store, your account balance, you become aware of deposits and withdrawals, sales Each of the products and the popularity of your check and special reports.

Online store where to advertise goods: store or web site is a good place to alert and promote its products online without having to spend huge advertising costs.
Customer choices: store choice and more flexibility for customer decision making.
That you store on a website or web based service to a lot of advantages for the business owner provides.

♦The impact of web-based online marketing business.

♦In the vast world of search engines that addresses free shops and services, discounts, new products and answer to the client, search engine marketing is no cost to you, their robots crawling your site) anyone who is looking for any services, goods or data provided at your site from the search engines to your website referred. Using SEO principles more credit you with a search engine and the search results will have a more powerful position. So do not miss the search engine marketing.

♦The impact of dealership website customers are familiar with your business

What your website is an online store or portal business is always available for you to play the role of a catalog that does not only include images and text, an interactive website can be images, texts, videos and Nov simultaneously offer the possibility of a full awareness of your business provides to customers, update or change the contents of this catalog, while the cost of printing and binding and not impose on you.

♦Due to e-commerce marketplace model, where a shop keeper/seller can sell directly with popular sites like Flipkart, Shopclues and Jabong etc.

♦Due to numerous coupons, coupons sites, classifieds, discount offers along with reward/loyalty points.
So if you are looking for the perfect job or a second job for additional income are so dedicated e-commerce site.

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